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        嶄 猟 | English 
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        About us  
        About us




        About us - Company profile  
        Shanghai ShenAn Textile Co., Ltd is a new enterprise directly under the Shangtex Holding Co., Ltd, which specializes in fashion textile and is located at Fengjing Industrial Park in Shanghai Jinshan District, where enjoys the superior geographic location and transportation facilities.

        The company strives to adhere to its guiding principle of ^Innovation, Factualism, Excelsior and Excellence ̄. We try our best to develop the hi-tech new fibers, and much emphasis is put into the research and manufacturing of self-developed intellectual property rights, which Leads ShenAn to the road of Innovation、refinement、brand、high quality、hi-tech、popular、fashion、individuation. And have achieved the honor of ^fine service oriented enterprise ̄ in Shanghai textile industry, characterized by small quantity, many variety, low cost, superior quality and fast delivery.

        We produce functional yarn, knitted fabric and woven fabric for underwear/ Lingerie use, Such as Slubby、Recycled Cotton and various functional blended yarns that blended with Cotton、Recycled Polyester、Wool、Linen、Silk、Polyester、Acrylic、Lenzing Modal、Tencel、Bamboo fiber、Pearl Fiber、Fine-denier Viscose、Sliver ion fiber、Organic Cotton、Anti-bacteria, Pima Cotton、Cotton USA、INVISTA Coolmax、Thermolite、OUTLAST and the corresponding fabric. Main products quality may reach the USTER communiqu└ level of 5%-25%. Now our company has ISO9001/ISO14001 Quality and Environment System certified.

        Up to now, we are the core enterprise producing yarn and fabric of Lenzing fibers, and also the unique company using the primary fibers under Lenzing: TENCEL?, Lenzing Modal? and Lenzing Viscose? in China. Now we also have certified by Control Union for processing organic cotton yarn/fabric on OE100/OE Blended&G0TS standard, recycled cotton/recycled polyester yarn on GRS standard. Besides, our yarn products are awarded by Oeko-Tex 100 Standard.

        We have a talent team good at yarn & fabric designing and manufacture to meet client¨s requirement, using in and abroad famous new fibers to help our clients design new products. As the increasing consciousness of environmental protection and nature, we are engaged in fashion textile with the combination of recycled cotton、recycled polyester and variety of regenerated cellulose fibers and specialize in producing fashion blended yarn、knitted and woven fabric which have been awarded several commercialization of Hi-tech Achievements and patents of new yarn invention.

        Our fabrics & Apparel department adhere to the company¨s strength, is specialized in research, development and production of all kinds of new materials of knitted and woven fabrics. This department researches the fashion trends at both domestic and abroad, then design the most popular clothing styles and provide high-quality clothing products. Company equipped with advanced production equipment and facilities, a large number of designers, production management personnel, is an integrated enterprise with production of yarn, fabric and clothing design, development, production, processing, sales. We always aim to provide "latest product, lowest price, best service, fastest delivery". Our products are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries, has established good relationships with many well-known brand companies and built a good reputation. Shanghai ShenAn Textile Co., Ltd will continue to search, seizes opportunities and takes challenges together with all the partners, to achieve the great future!

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        No. 88 JianAn Rd, Xingta Fengjing industrial Park, JinShan District,Shanghai. Tex021-57365698 Fax021-57360011 Code200080